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Xiaojue Cosmetics

Buddah Mini Lash Bundle


Description Unleash your inner goddess with the Xiaojue Cosmetics Buddah Mini Lash Bundle. These vegan mink lashes are the secret to achieving full and luscious lashes in minutes. Made from premium synthetic hairs, they look and feel just like the real...

Xiaojue Cosmetics

Buddah Magnetic Lash Bundle


Description Introducing our Xiaojue Cosmetics Buddah Magnetic Lash Bundle - the ultimate solution for achieving stunning lashes in no time! With our false-mink lashes that are almost identical to the real thing, you'll experience a level of comfort and...

Xiaojue Cosmetics

Lochana Lashes


Description Amplify your natural beauty with Lochana Lashes by Xiaojue Cosmetics. These vegan lashes are a guilt-free indulgence that will make your eyes mesmerizing. Crafted with care, they are almost indistinguishable from real lashes, but with a touch...

Xiaojue Cosmetics

Geode Lash Glue


Description Xiaojue Cosmetics Geode Eyelash Glue is the secret to a hassle-free makeup routine! Get ready to save precious minutes with our innovative eyeliner and glue-in-one design. Applying your lashes has never been easier or more painless...

Xiaojue Cosmetics

Stupa Spoolie


Description Win your lash game every time with the Xiaojue Cosmetics Stupa Spoolie. This little beauty tool is a game-changer when it comes to achieving flawless lashes. Whether you're rocking your natural lashes or flaunting false mink lashes, our Stupa...

Xiaojue Cosmetics

Aspiration Lash Applicator


Description Conquer flawless lashes effortlessly with the Aspiration Lash Applicator from Xiaojue Cosmetics. Designed to meet your every expectation, our user-friendly applicator ensures perfect lash application every time. No more struggling or wasting...

Xiaojue Cosmetics

Mamaki Mascara


Description Attain the lashes of your dreams with Xiaojue Cosmetics Mamaki Mascara. No more smudging and clumpy lashes. Say hello to long-lasting perfection. Our waterproof formula ensures that your lashes stay flawless all day long. With easy...